Kia ora & Arohanui

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Who Am I?

Ultimately, I am a StoryWeaver. I have learned how to re-weave my story of struggle and trauma into a heroines journey. A journey where I discovered my innate wholeness and path back home to the stars. I can assist and support you in re-weaving your own story. One where you are able to co-create with your Hearts Intelligence in service to the greater Universe. It would be my honour to walk beside you as you navigate your own path home to the stars.  

I have also acquired the skills of a Healer, Shamaness, and now an Intentional Creativity® Teacher.

The many years I have spent diving into my psyche and rummaging around have been restorative. I have undertaking deep soul exploration and healed enough from the traumas my soul has suffered. Keeping myself afloat in the turbulent seas of my emotions and fearlessly looking into the dark crevices of my life has been challenging, but utterly transforming!

As I passed through each subsequent Rite of Passage in my life, more of my authentic self was able to shine through. The layers and masks of conditioning were stripped away, immolated in the fires of transformation. 

I was re-born. 

As I rose from the ashes of my old, small life. I was vivified, ready to forge ahead into a world we are all co-creating anew.

I now know the medicine that my Soul and Spirit seeks to share with the world. It is time to be seen, my purpose and mission greater than my collective egoic fears.

To witness my own transformation, have compassion and love for myself, is great medicine indeed. As I continue to walk the wheel to embody the qualities and abilities of a 8th Ray Ritual Magician, Shamaness & Resplendent Rebel. I know I have found my path home to the stars and the greater purpose for my being. 

How can I be of Service to You?

Soul Medicine

Feeling the call to co-create a journey together & listen to the murmurings of your soul voice?


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There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein