Original Artwork

The Fierce Five

Colour of Woman Teacher Training 2020

Legend - Centre

"SHE WHO IS THE KEEPER OF THE GOLDEN ARROW" Acrylic on Canvas (38x48")

My legendary Self was uncovered with such energy. The process was completely catalysing, but, I also, felt like I got a bit singed in the process. There was much processing and reflection that needed to be done. I sat with her for a very long time, unfinished, waiting for the right moment for her to come into being. It was a process, that was replicated in my life with the birthing of a new self. One that was more willing to stand apart knowing that I am not alone. To be the Resplendent & Embodied Rebel Leader that has now been awoken by this process.

With my legendary self I was able to release layers of fears and step into a more embodied and empowered individual. I discovered that I have spiritual GRIT. But it is time to shed all the layers of detritus that are holding me back.

I am here.
I am ME.

Only LOVE lives HERE.

Muse - North


Very apt name as it felt like everything in my world was on fire, burning up. Waiting for me to see with eyes that can see the gold within.

The intention that I set for my Muse was “I surrender into your loving arms!” This was driven by my desire to be open and curious as to what would arise from the process, rather than some pre-conceived intention of how I wanted things to form for me.

As I was reflecting on my intention, Shiloh mentioned “disconnecting from ALL voices of wisdom to find my own.’ I knew I was on the right pathway with my intention.

In my life I have been consciously seeking my own Voice-Muse-Intuition and I am aware of its inner dialogue and how it works in my life. The process allowed me to bring her into form, to have a physical connection to the inner world of my Muse was an experience that I must teach to others.  

Artist (Talisman) - East

STAR PIERCER - HEART OF THE COSMOS Acrylic on Wood Panel (38x48")

My Talisman was a Heart-Breaker, then a Heart-Mender.

I was aware that the process would bring up old hurts & trauma, but what took me by surprise was the type of trauma that it bought to the surface, ready to be transformed and transmuted. This was the surprise. A trauma that I had worked on for many years & the reason I started to walk the Green Path with Shamanism & the Eight Ray of Alchemy & Ritual Magic. The fact that it was still buried deep into my cellular structure, meant that there was much work of liberating that needed to be done.

The work necessitated a break from the canvas of a month. A break that bought me to the edge of darkness, but ultimately, to see the fear & make it my friendly ally. I started to become grateful for the experience and released ALL OF IT! Previously, I had conditions attached and this just chained me to the experience even more.

Once on the other side, I was literally a new Wild Woman. There was a fire that had been reignited in the cauldron of me being. One where I was able to gain a loving impartiality to all that had been & finally lay that spectre of previous lives past to rest.

Alchemist (SoulFire) - South

SHE WHO IS THE BRIDGE BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH........ Acrylic on Canvas (30x40")

From the beginning of SoulFire, I felt that this was new terrain to cover, but also excited at the possibilities contained in the process. I love the mind and the version of the feminine alchemical consciousness that was put up as an inquiry.

What struck me was a quote that Jonathan said to “create containers that are intentionally beautiful because within them they can hold no harm.” This was a revolutionary thought and revealed to me what is often said about walking the Beauty way/Path of Beauty in Shamanic traditions. Something that I had always aspired to do, but never really knew the recipe. Here it was, Intentional Creativity would be the way that I will create Beauty and leave the world in a better place when I am gone and my images remain.

Visionary - West

SOVEREIGN QUEEN OF MY HEART........ Acrylic on Canvas (30x40")

This journey has been the most daring and enabled me to make my claim in the entrepreneurial world. I am in love with my business and the mission that it has been tasked with. I also feel so much more prepared to go out into the world with all the knowledge, wisdom and spiritual grit gained on this quest around the alchemical compass.

As I was totally distracted at the start with the Visionary Book process. It is here too that I follow the divine breadcrumbs for my piece of the thread. This has necessitated a quite revolution in my business to encompass ALL of ME. All of my experiences to date will now inform my offerings.

I rest and sit with Sovereign Queen of my Heart and vision a future that is tantalisingly close.

I will bask in her golden radiance a bit more, before I set out into the world again.

Armed with my wit, humour, paintbrush & pen.

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