The empowered Entrepreneur

Invite the Queen & Magician to Tea with your Visionary Self!

A Deep Dive into a Multi-Dimensional & Heart Based Entrepreneurial Quest.

A Live Group call on 12 July 2020 with an individual 1-1 Systems Health Check.

I see being an Entrepreneur as a huge Spiritual Quest. One full of peaks and valleys, challenges and abundance as you navigate the unseen terrain ahead. Transforming and evolving your Business, in partnership with yourself. As with any quest, we need the right tools for the journey, so we can traverse the unknown and come back to tell our heroic tale.

I can offer you tools for the journey to help you access your Visionary Self as we invite them to tea. From this perspective you can create a Bizness that holds your Heart-Based Wisdom, Authenticity & Integrity. To enable you to move with Clarity & Sovereignty into the world as you bring forth your unique gifts in Service.

The Re-Imagined Entrepreneur is an offering that has come from my heart to yours. It is my honour and privilege to walk beside you for a while, as we take this journey together. 

The Visionary Bizness Book that I completed for "The Re-Imagined Entrepreneur" offering.

Guided by

Alison Haitana


The Re-Imagined Entrepreneur has quite literally been years in the making. It is an offering that blends the Feminine & Masculine components of your business into a unified whole. Together we create a beautiful, colourful & heart filled Visionary Bizness Book. We also look at the Systems & Processes of your Business and how this can support your entrepreneurial journey.  

I am deeply enamoured with business and have always been drawn into its embrace. But, somehow, it just didn’t fit me. Perhaps it was the language of conquest and separation that was used, or the economics of perpetual growth at the expense of people and resources. Something felt off and so I dallied around the edges. Contently suffering and working in corporations and organisations that valued profit over people. I slowly found my values and integrity being undermined. Sitting firmly in an arena that didn’t find value in the intelligence of my heart. So, I searched and waited and listened.

The words written in the wind began to to make sense to me. I was starting to come out of a very heavy slumber. This was a crack in consciousness from using the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand in conjunction with the transformative Healers & Shamanic Apprenticeship in the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic & Esoteric Studies. I now had access. But what was I to do with all that knowledge and hard won wisdom?

Things were still murky and I was trying to find a way out, then along came Colour of Woman – Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training and my life was transformed entirely again. I had found a place where the Visionary self was allowed to play with the knowledge and wisdom gained. I was able to bring into form my large, beautiful, bountiful and slightly scary dream for my Bizness.  I had found the language and expression I had been craving for. All found that end of a paint brush (magic wand) and portal of possibility (canvas). The context and container of an entrepreneur made sense to me and my heart had found joy in the process.

My offering to you is to assist you in creating your Visionary Bizness Book from your own innate wisdom. We will also look at the Systems and Processes you have to make this work for you.Tapping into the wisdom and sovereignty of the Queen in collaboration with the structure and action of the Magician as we weave this sacred journey together. 

Ready to claim your Visionary Bizness?

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What is in the Journey for you?

The Visionary Plan

The Queen of your Bizness

Activate your sacred work in the world.

Together we will create a Bizness plan from your own Heart’s Intelligence. This is an 8 page book that brings into form that wondrous idea about a business, offering, course or product that you have been entertaining in the ether. This book will be created in full colour with shapes, symbols and language that contain your uniqueness and speak to you. Each page will highlight a particular area of focus that as a whole creates your Visionary Plan. The areas we will cover are; Passion, Legend, Dream, Beloveds, Offerings, Sharing, Abundance & Connection.

We will be using inquiry and ritual to bring forward the sacred work that you would like to activate in the world. 

This process will be delivered via a live stream on Sunday 12 July @ 1300 AEST. The live stream will go for 3-4 hours and will be recorded so you are able to watch it at your convenience. 

The Visionary Plan process can be applied to any part or project within your business, or your business as a whole. As an example, I have created one book for my overarching business, another for the Re-Imagined Entrepreneur offering and yet another for a festival I will be collaborating on. There are many more to come, the options are vast indeed. 

The process is playful with plenty of time for breaks or random dance parties if you wish. There is always time for chocolate and tea. 

Systems Health Check

The Magician of your Bizness

Create Structure in order to thrive

For the Systems Health Check we will work together for 30-45 minutes via zoom. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire before our meeting on your current business systems & processes, business needs & requirements and personal preferences. 

My work experience has enabled me to pursue my love of information technology, becoming the  default IT Help Desk in many of my administrative roles. I am an IT Geek at heart, and remember fondly the Apple IIe computer with dot matrix printer, churning out my stories as a child. I have worked with a vast number of systems and hardware combinations and in my capacity as a Virtual Assistant, learning more everyday. 

We will work together to come up with potential solutions for you and your business. I will come up with some recommendations and options that work with your unique IT personality. You are then able to implement these yourself. If you would like me to assist you in implementing the recommendations, this can be done at an additional cost depending on time and complexity. 

Summary of Offering

Visionary Plan

  • Visionary Bizness Plan Group Workshop Livestream. Sunday 12 July @ 1300 for 3-4hours
  • 8 Page full colour Visionary Plan

Systems Health Check

  • Individual zoom meeting for 30-45 minutes about the Systems and Processes of your business
  • Questionnaire on your current business systems, needs and personal preferences
  • Recommendations and options to help structure your Systems & Processes for your unique business.
  • Personalised New Zealand First Light Flower Essence Blend to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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VALUE $453 – Special Price $343 save $110!

Materials needed for the journey.

Visionary Plan – Live Group call on 12 July 2020 @ 1300 AEST (recorded)

  • Watercolour paper – 55x76cm 300gsm (22×30″140lb) ripped in half lengthways on long edge
  • Acrylic paints – Golden brand in fluid size are recommended but any acrylic paint will work (3-4 colours that speak to you)
  • Paint Brushes – 3-4 brushes (inexpensive hog hair flat or round work best)
  • Sharpie/Texta – black, twin tipped if available
  • Container with water for brushes
  • Paper – one sheet of plain A4 (8×11”) paper
  • Book/Journal & a pen
  • Optional: spray bottle filled with water/holy water & flower essences/essential oils/sacred libation of your choice for blessing the paper
  • Optional: Red Thread/Wool/Ribbon or something red to wear & Scissors
  • Optional: chocolate or something sweet for you & your Visionary self

Systems Health Check – 1-1 zoom call scheduled after booking completed

  • Completed Systems Health Check Questionnaire sent to me 48 hours before our scheduled zoom call. This will be sent to you once our call has been scheduled.
A Portal of Possibility.. What will your story be....

Ready to Re-Imagine your Bizness?

VALUE $453 – Special Price $343 save $110!

Only want to journey with me in the Visionary Plan Workshop on 12 July 2020. This is possible!

VALUE $303 – Special Price $252 Save $51

I am ready. Are you?

If this offer resonates with you but finances are standing in the way. Please reach out to me at and we can work something out so you can bring your gifts into the world. 

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