Shine Like the Sun!

A 13 Step Intentional Creativity® Painting Workshop


Are you ready to go after your Sacred Visibility?

Would you like to journey to the inner planes while being held in a safe, sacred space?

Feel the call to create something that signals your unique spark?

If the answer is a Hell Yes!

then join me in the Sacred Phoenix circle for Luminosity!

Guided by
Alison Haitana

Did you hear the call Beloved.....?

To My Beloveds,

Welcome dear one and thank you for dropping by. Please look with your heart the offering of LUMINOSITY that I have lovingly curated for you. 

As we all stand on the threshold of great change birth personally and collectively. It is time to shed the skins that no longer serve us and can sometimes bind us to old patterns of behaviour. It is time to emanate from our courageous hearts all that we are. Let us stand in our empowered sacredness and Shine like the Sun!

The Sun does not choose who they shine their light on. These life giving rays of light are for all to benefit. Shining into the darkest recesses to illuminate and contrast the shadows that lie there. The Sun does not withhold the full brilliance and grand spectrum of its rays. Why should we?

With LUMINOSITY we will be working with the stories and legends of the Sun, re-interpreted for our own personal journey of transformation. Stained glass windows will feature as a parable, enabling us to see with new eyes what lays within. 

What wants to shine forth from you, burst out like a supernova!

Join me for LUMINOSITY and you will start to sense the utterly unique and beautiful unfolding of who you are and the gifts that have been bestowed upon you to share and shine with love into the world.

I believe that everyone is creative, so, we needs outlets for creativity. With LUMINOSITY, I will be inviting you to look with a loving and compassionate heart at all of your experiences to date. As I guide you through a 13 Step painting process, we will start to build and reveal layer by layer the image that wants to emerge. We will be using inquiry, deep listening and bold strokes to gain access to our inner lands. Coming back with messages, words and symbols to fortify us for the journey ahead. 

There is no painting experience required as the 13 Steps build sequentially upon themselves to create a painting with depth and richness. It is all there inside of you. It is just waiting to be expressed and brought to life.

As I mentioned, this workshop is for adventurous souls who are willing and have an open heart and mind. The riches that await you as you do this work are truly transforming.

At the canvas, you can bring everything that you have and let it all spill out. It will be transformed and slowly you will start to look at it in a new light. I will be there holding you in sacred space. Creating the container so you can uncover what is ready for you at this time to be revealed. 

It would be my honour and privilege to guide you. To see the unfolding, beautiful transformation of you into your own Sun. I would love to have you in the Sacred Phoenix Circle and look forward to seeing you on the other side of the canvas.

The Details

I will be delivering LUMINOSITY live via a Zui (Zoom hui). Recording to be made available 36-48hrs depending on the technology Muse).

Our questing days will be Sunday 11 April & Sunday 18 April 2021 from 1000-1400 AEDT live each day.

I will be available by email if you have any queries about the process and what comes to the fore during our time together.



I believe wholeheartedly in the transformational power of creativity.

I am also extremely committed to creating opportunities to make this work more accessible for all. 

In response to the new reality emerging, which includes a more feminine & inclusive economy.  I am offering two different tiers of pricing & a scholarship option for all group courses/workshops I guide. I am also open to other means of payment, like bartering etc. We all have gifts & abilities that are valuable to others. 

If you would like to participate in one of my online courses, but don’t have the resources to do so at this time. Please fill out the Scholarship Application below. Those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, disabled, caretakers, or experiencing extreme hardship will be prioritised.

If you would like to contact me to arrange an alternative means of payment please email me at and we can work something out. 

VAlue $188.00 AUD

Value $122.20 AUD

** Use code PHOENIX65 at checkout to apply discount **


To apply for a scholarship place in LUMINOSITY. Please complete the application form below.

Other Payment Method?

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Materials List

  • A Large canvas. I recommend at least a 50.8×76.2cm (20×30″). If you want to go all out, I will be using a 76.2×101.6cm (30×40″) canvas. (However, use what you have available, a 3:4 ratio is nice.)
  • Easel (or nail in a wall, chair or table to lay your canvas on).
  • Acrylic Paints – Get the basic rainbow of colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo/Purple, White, Brown) in shades that speak to you. These can be lower-cost paints that you may already have on hand or the higher-grade fluid Golden brand. Atelier Free Flow/Atelier Interactive/Jo Sonja are all great Australian alternatives. 
  • Acrylic Paint – Please also get a glazing colour either Golden Brand Fluid Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold or another transparent colour (red iron oxide etc).
  • Paint brushes – just the student grade, inexpensive hog hair is fine. You’ll want a large brush (sash brush) medium size and a smaller liner brush for detail. I use the round and flat shapes mostly, but whatever works for you.  
  • Spray bottle, jar for paint water, paper towels or an old rag (old t shirts are great).
  • Paint palette or paper/plastic plate.  
  • Piece of charcoal
  • Permanent marker in black (texta/sharpie).
  • Journal/Paper & Pen
  • Roses/Flowers or something from nature for the painting water
  • Red thread & Candle
  • Chocolate or something sweet for the Muse
  • Water
  • Hot beverage of choice

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